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We invite you to participate in the next winter Dance Training! Our camps are distinguished by openness, hospitality, honest and reliable preparation and implementation. Over the course of 32 years, we have organized several dozen summer and winter camps, hosting over 10,000 satisfied participants.

The first summer training camp in Janów Podlaski is behind us. We worked in 4 beautiful, air-conditioned rooms with ballet floors for 11 days, ending with a wonderful artistic event which was the final of the Queen of Camp competition and shows by all participants. There were over 300 people in the audience, which made the atmosphere unique.


The settlement is beautifully situated on a hill, in the Bug River valley, in the protected areas of the Podlaski Przełom Bugu Landscape Park, attracting history enthusiasts, horse lovers, lovers of beautiful landscapes, charming corners and picturesque villages. Folk traditions are still alive here, numerous monuments are witnesses of the turbulent and interesting history of the region, and the beauty of nature provides respite and relaxation. Horse breeders from all over the world come here to one of the most famous Arabian horse stud farms, located less than 2 km from the Castle grounds. One of the beautiful and secret places within the Castle in Janów Podlaski is the Temple of Meditation and the Spirit of Naruszewicz - built of field stone in 1790, located at the end of the linden alley. The cave was a place of reflection and the workshop of Bishop Adam Naruszewicz - the father of Polish classicism, a historian and a poet. Podlasie tradition states that it was here that Adam Naruszewicz developed theses for the Constitution of May 3 and here he predicted the fall and captivity of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Legend has it that the castle on the hill was connected to the cave by an underground passage, and the ghost of Adam Naruszewicz still walks along the hidden path to ponder the fate of Poland in the temple of reflection.


That is, 8 unforgettable days spent in beautiful surroundings, where we will find everything we need to conduct the Winter Dance Camp, starting from 4-person rooms with full bathroom facilities and a kitchenette, located at the foot of the Castle, connected by tunnels (in case of bad weather) with all the hotel parts, such as such as: swimming pool, restaurant or training rooms. We start on Saturday and return the following Saturday evening. Thanks to this, we can combine the winter training camp with family trips for winter holidays.



We are one of the few academies that invites several top-class trainers and choreographers from all over Europe to its trips every year. Trainers from: Germany, France, Czech Republic, South Africa, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, USA, Great Britain, Scotland, as well as excellent trainers from Poland worked with us.


Yes, 32 years of working with children and teenagers means teaching over 25,000 dancers, educating many professional dancers, trainers, choreographers, as well as continuously organizing winter and summer dance groups, which have been extremely popular among dance lovers from all over Poland and Europe for years. It is worth adding that at the last training camp we organized, participants from almost 30 national dance schools danced. This clearly proves the trust in our projects and the positive reception of our projects. THIS YEAR again international trainers team especially for you!


This is our priority. The participants are supervised by proven and experienced staff, many of whom come from the dance movement, who know the realities and capabilities of dancers. All educators and instructors have appropriate qualifications and certificates of no criminal record, including certificates from the register of sexual offenses.


It is thanks to our professional organization and the annual meticulous selection of training staff that we can be proud of one of the largest summer dance training camps in Poland. This year, participants will also receive national and international trainers who will help you become an even better dancer. Safety is our priority. The participants are supervised by proven and experienced staff, many of whom come from the dance movement, who know the realities and possibilities of children and young people.

We will publish information about instructors soon!



The leading dance and sports techniques are: disco dance, disco slow, classical dance, jazz dance, modern dance, musical dance, acrobatics.

The dancers will be divided into advancement groups and will fully benefit from the training of both domestic and foreign instructors. It is obvious that not every group will have the opportunity to train with every instructor mentioned, this is due to the previously planned schedule of classes and is adapted to the physical capabilities of the dancers.

During the Winter Dance Camp, Reliese master groups will prepare new choreographies for the 2024 season and take part in open class lessons with both club coaches and invited international staff. Our guests from other clubs will have access to all invited trainers and will benefit from their lessons. We ensure equality for all dancers regardless of club affiliation.


Winter time in the Castle is the time when you can get to know this beautiful historical place, visit both its underground and the safe, large area that invites you to walk.

At our disposal at certain times there will be a swimming pool and SPA area, jacuzzi and water games. If the weather permits, we will visit the country famous for its most beautiful horses world stable and warm up by the fire. In one sentence, there will be something to do.

On January 26, we will invite you to another end of the Camp. What we will prepare this time remains a surprise for now.


Let's use the time machine! Let's remember what the summer edition of our sports camp looked like, which took place in August 2023 at the Janów Podlaski Castle. There was a lot of dancing and even more joy! Watch our aftermovie!

January 20-27, 2024
dancing and fun
safety first
international staff
see you soon!


The regular price of the winter training camp is:

PLN 2,450
(approx. 550 Euro)


FAMILY PROMOTION – for participation in Winter Dance Camp `2024, at least two participants from one family, each of them is entitled to a discount of PLN 100 (app. 20 Euro)


  • 7 nights (8 days) in four-person rooms in the Castle in Janów Podlaski in Podzamcze with full bathroom facilities and service,
  • breakfasts, lunches and dinners served from the hotel restaurant - buffet,
  • international coaching staff,
  • photo material from the camp and post-camp film,
  • medical care,
  • educational and recreational program,
  • additional personal accident insurance,
  • drinking water throughout the trip,
  • camp gadgets and competition prizes.


  • People interested in purchasing transport from Warsaw will have such an opportunity. The cost of the round trip is PLN 250. It is not possible to buy a one-way seat.
  • If you are interested in purchasing individual lessons, please contact the selected trainer in the following order and, after receiving confirmation, report this fact to the organizer in order to reserve the room. The cost of renting a dance room is PLN 60/h, the cost of the lesson is determined directly by the participant with the selected trainer and settled with him in an agreed manner.
  • If you follow a health or vegetarian diet, you must purchase an additional dietary package for PLN 250.
  • We suggest purchasing additional insurance in the event of cancellation of the trip, which is not obligatory (the camp is insured).


Event is organized by:
RELIESE Dance Academy (registered name Uczniowski Klub Sportowy Reliese) based in Zielonka, Ossowska 85 D-1 Street, Poland. Tax ID No: 125 171 92 49

Bank account number:
MBank (Poland): 26 1140 2004 0000 3102 8124 8921

Need information? Contact us:

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